Special & Promotion Items


We regurarly recieve nuts, superfoods, nut pastes, dried fruits, flakes and co. in large quantities from overproduction, which we can offer at particularly favorable conditions. You can rely on the quality of the products as well as on an on-time delivery. You can not find the right product? No problem, the assortment of special and promotional items is constantly changing.

Special items are generally only available in limited quantities and for a limited period of time. Therefore, we recommend that you always keep an eye on our assortment. Therefore we advise you to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Macadamia, grated, 0-2 mm

Warehouse: 10 tons

Macadamia paste

Warehouse: 10 tons

Almond oil, cold pressed

Warehouse: 3 tons

Organic almond protein, 50%

Warehouse: 4 tons

Organic almond protein from unblanched almonds, 38%.

Warehouse: 2 tons

Organic hemp protein

Warehouse: 1,2 tons

Organic cocoa nibs with yacon syrup

Warehouse: 400 kg

Chia seeds, black

Warehouse: 15 tons

Coconut flour

Warehouse: 16 tons

Organic figs No. 7, dried (organic quality)

Warehouse: 450 kg

Turmeric powder (organic quality)

Warehouse: 8 tons

Cocoa nibs from Peru (organic quality)

Warehouse: 1 ton

Porcini mushroom powder

Warehouse: 5 tons

Moringa powder

Warehouse: 360 kg

Moringa powder (organic quality)

Warehouse: 360 kg

Rosehip powder (organic quality)

Warehouse: 4 tons

Agave inulin (organic quality)

Warehouse: 2 tons

Agave sugar (organic quality)

Warehouse: 8 tons

Chia flour (organic quality)

Warehouse: 16 tons

Tomato flakes (organic quality)

Warehouse: 300 kg

Sunflower flour/protein 44% (organic quality)

Warehouse: 450 kg

Hemp flour/protein 32% (organic quality)

Warehouse: 1,5 tons

Cashews LWP Vietnam (organic quality)

Warehouse: 20 tons

Cocoa powder 10/12 Low Cadmium (organic quality)

Warehouse: 5,5 tons

Cocoa beans Criollo (organic quality)

Warehouse: 3,8 tons

Mulberries white (organic quality)

Warehouse: 300 kg