From the plantation to your plate - buy nuts according to your taste

Cinderella was known in fairy tales, fans of nut pastes experience it every day and hopefully you know it too: nuts make our everyday life a whole lot more worth living. But you are in demand to make sure that this reaches the people also. As the manager of a gourmet shop, a chocolatier, a baker or a restaurant owner, you will bring these little delicacies to your customers’ plates in a beautifully staged way. To achieve this, you rely on the highest quality – and this is where we come in.

With passion and ambition, but also with the required experience and care, we form a well-rehearsed team with wholesalers, processors and restaurateurs from all over the world. In doing so, we focus entirely on you and your needs – we make it possible.


Our Assortment - Nuts and Superfood

Anyone who only buys one variety and processing of nuts will miss a lot. That’s why we offer you the full range from the world of nuts – because we know that diversity and quality are written large in gastronomy and that resellers and wholesalers in particular don’t want to be dependent on just one variety.

What we provide:

Processing according to your wishes

We process the raw material according to your wishes so that you as a customer do not have to worry about anything anymore, for example:

Combinations of all kinds are also possible on request. We are happy to process your order and create your dream mix – whether with honey coating, sweetened, salted or with exciting spices.


Buying raw materials with quality

Quality is our top priority. Not only are our nuts, seeds and superfoods available in organic quality, we also follow our work as your long-term supplier to the highest standards. Communication, reliability and the pursuit of improvement are the hallmarks of what we do.

Come to us now with your idea and let us work wonders!